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Weddings - Commitment Ceremonies - End of Life Celebrations - Baby Naming

In 2017 Nadine became a registered Marriage Celebrant after her youngest son became engaged and suggested that he and his fiancé would love it if it was at all possible that she could officiate at their wedding and marry them. Josh and Hannah were the first couple she officiated for in early 2017 and has gone on to marry many more.  She was elated when same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia in December of the same year.


Nadine enjoys officiating at weddings and baby-naming rituals, and also finds working with families on funerals and end of life celebrations especially meaningful and a true vocation. 

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“I believe it is crucial to mark our transition from one phase of life into another; birth and other beginnings, initiations, commitments, partnering, hallmark moments in personal growth and evolution, endings and death.  This is what will bring meaning and honour to our lives. 


 In designing a ceremony around a significant rite of passage experience we take responsibility for the reality of that experience in an uplifting way, we find how the story of this experience connects us to our humanity and to the collective community.  When someone we love dies, it is natural to mourn their physical presence in our lives, it is natural to want to give them the best honouring and send-off you possibly can and through the outpouring of grief, shared memories, experiences, trials, triumphs and genuine celebration of that person’s precious life will come a stronger sense of aspects of all our lives and the greater world of which we are all a part of.  

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In taking the time to ‘press pause’ in our lives and truly introduce these rites of passage into our lives and open up to the benefits they bring we can support each other through the sharing of core values, healing and growth processes.  At the end of the day, we’re all in this thing called ‘life’ together.  We are all born, life happens, and we all die.  Creating rites of passage help us build community and weave us all together in our shared humanity, across all generations, genders, cultures and religions.


I am passionate about creating meaningful ritual and ceremony around love and marriage but find a true vocation in celebrating the life of your recently departed loved one’s life.  Through the privilege of spending time with family and friends of the person who has recently died, a healing process can begin with the sharing of collective memories and experiences and I am then given the opportunity to design a bespoke ceremony that is an authentic reflection of that precious person and the life they lived.” – Nadine Bush