Age-Positive - Diversity - Grey Hair Don’t Care

JONES MOTHERS DAY 2_preview.jpg

Image courtesy of David Jones Mother's Day campaign 2019. Photography by Georges Antoni.

Nadine was recruited as a model and ambassador by Silverfox Management in December, 2016. 


“I took up modelling purely to have some fun and do something totally new to me….Silverfox have been keeping me busy!  Life is very short, I’ve lost loved ones and I just don’t take life for granted anymore. Just to be alive and breathing right now is awesome. It is the most precious gift. I don’t want to waste time picking myself to pieces, and I try to be grateful for what I have – focusing on the pros rather than the cons.

Some people say I’m ‘very brave’ to be modelling at my age – because I’m putting myself out there with my imperfections for all to see, although I don't feel I'm being brave. It's more a case of not caring any more what other people think of me ….. as I’ve gotten older, my perspective on life has changed a lot and I’ve realised that I am what I am, and what I am is pretty damn great actually. I love my body for being healthy, enabling me to enjoy my life, give life and love to my children, and just be alive on this beautiful planet.” – Nadine Bush