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I've been meaning to post this on the Blog since late 2021, and here we are in March 2022. The last few months have just zoomed by! I had to produce another panel discussion for my lovely client Saint Cloche art gallery in conjunction with What's On @ Explore Contemporary 2021.

Virtual Zoom Panel Discussion: How do Artists help us see things that can’t be seen?

Thursday 11th November 7pm.

The panel was a discussion on the unique way each artist views the world – how does their perception differ from non-artists? Everyone sees the same things, but artists see different things in them, and each artist sees in a unique way to other artists. Naturally, you would think that an artist needs to have a anomalous world outlook to create a distinctive work of art….true or false?

Artists are a vehicle for expressing universal emotion. Art is about connecting with people’s emotions and it’s both personal and universal simultaneously. The artist is a Shaman that ‘absorbs’ atmosphere of a place or memory and acts as a conduit of expression in the medium of mark-making that ultimately lead to an emotional response and feeling of connection in the viewer.

MODERATOR: Georgina Reid PANEL: Emily Imeson, Bec Smith, Justin Scivetti and Damon Gameau

GEORGINA REID – The Planthunter

Georgina Reid is Editor and Creative Director of The Planthunter and Wonderground. She is a Sydney based writer, designer and gardener. With a background in landscape design, horticulture and journalism, she’s the editor and creative director of The Planthunter online magazine.


Damon Gameau has been a inspirational presence in so many of our lives for a couple of decades now - from his prominent acting career, to his transformation into an award-winning film-maker. There’s his timeless Tropfest winner Animal Beatbox, through to his legendary documentary features That Sugar Film and 2040. Now there’s a new film about to launch, with the vision honed towards 2030. This vital decade. It’s another master work – a short film with a big story. It’s called Regenerating Australia. More on this to come in another blog post soon!


Bec Smith is a Melbourne-based artist who has practiced art and design in both Australia and overseas for over 20 years. In pursuit of her creative practice Bec has studied at The Art Academy in London, the Art Room in Melbourne, RMIT and Swinburne National School of Design where she holds a Bachelor degree.


Emily's works explore vivifying forces of nature, whilst also encouraging her audience to reflect on the impact humanity assails upon the world. Set in foundations of ‘en plein air’ painting she attempts to push beyond exclusively visual stimuli by reflecting upon memories.

Emily was awarded the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize in 2019 for her work ‘Alive in the Dead of Night’. Most recently, she received a Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, 202. She has multiple works in private collections, works in the Macquarie Group Collection, Ballina Shire Council’s collection, Law Courts Building at Queen’s Square and is represented by Saint Cloche Gallery.


Justin Maurice Scivetti is a figurative Landscape painter based in Melbourne. His artistic practice is balanced by a career in horticulture and landscaping, as well as nourishing his passion for plants working at a nursery.

Justin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Printmaking, after graduating from the National Art School in 2011, a Diploma of Fine Arts – Painting & Photography, St. George TAFE, Sydney in 2008, and more recently, a Diploma of applied Horticultural Science – Melbourne Polytechnic, 2017. He has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Sydney, and Melbourne, and has been a finalist in several art prizes – including receiving the Oil Painting Prize in the Waverly Art Prize 2019.

If you'd like to watch the full panel discussion please go to the Saint Cloche website page here.

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