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COLOUR IS MY SUPER POWER - panel discussion

Just over a year ago, one of my favourite client's, Saint Cloche art gallery in Paddington was exhibiting at Sydney Contemporary for the first time with a solo exhibition of artist and colour superhero Evi O.

Above: Kitty Clark, Founder, Saint Cloche and artist Evi O. Photographed by Daniel Shipp.

Sydney Contemporary organisers invited us to host an event on opening night and we held a panel discussion on the topic: Colour is my Super Power which I concepted and produced.

Below: Colour Superhero, Evi O. Photographed by Daniel Shipp.

The brilliant panel exemplified the topic and they discussed how they each use colour, how it manifests in their life and work and how colour has the power to affect our emotions and psyche.

The panel was hosted by TIM ROSS (below). He may be best known for his work on TV and radio (at different times hosting both the number one breakfast and drive shows in Sydney) but comedian Tim Ross has also always had a passion for architecture and design

The National President’s Prize was awarded to Tim this year by the Australian Institute of Architects because he’s propelled Australian design – most notably modernism and its protection into the popular media. 


EVI O - Evi’s superpower is most definitely her use of bold colour in her artworks, award-winning book and product design.

LINDA JACKSON - Australian icon of fashion, art and design is known for her life with colour.

KEN DONE - Australian iconic artist known for the use of bold colour in his art and the licensing of his art into clothing and homewares, etc..

RACHEL BURKE - Multi-disciplinary designer, artist/stylist – well known for her insanely colourful, handcrafted tinsel installations and clothing.

TALINE GABRIEL - Wholefoods recipe developer, food stylist/blogger (543k followers on Instagram) and author of Hippie Lane The Cookbook, is well known for her colourful wholefoods ….a feast for the eyes is just as important as the taste and nutrition.

YASMINE GHONIEM - Award-winning interior designer who is well-known for her adventurous ‘palette-plays’ with colour tones playing off one another in unexpected ways.

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